Fear not ice cream fans - you can still get your 99 Flakes!

Ice cream melting in a hand.

Ice Cream Towers have multiple flavours of whippy - and many Flakes. - Credit: Jess Coppins

Fans of the 99 Flake may have been panicked by reports of shortages of Cadbury's beloved accompaniment for any whippy ice cream.

James Weeds with an ice cream.

It wasn't difficult to find a 99 Flake in Great Yarmouth. - Credit: Jess Coppins

But has the lack of the chocolate favourite reached our region?

Our reporter James Weeds visited the parlours along Great Yarmouth seafront to find out.

Beach Hut 

I asked the assistant for a small 99 expecting to be disappointed.

James Weeds with an ice cream by an ice cream parlour.

The Beach Hut / Shake Shack had plenty of Flakes for sale with their 99s. - Credit: Jess Coppins

However, less than one minute later, in my hand and in all its glory was a whippy ice cream with a beautiful Flake sticking out of the top.

I asked the assistant how many Flakes she had at the parlour and she told me there were "plenty for everyone".

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Perry's Ice Cream

Finishing off my cone, I went across the road to Perry's Ice Cream.

James Weeds with an ice cream and nine flakes.

An impressive display of Flakes on a 99. - Credit: Jess Coppins

Surely, this was where my luck was going to run out?

I asked and I received.

"We have so many Flakes here, I'll give you nine," the assistant, Charley Flaxmer, said.

James Weeds holding a flake.

Great Yarmouth is not affected by the Flake shortage. - Credit: Jess Coppins

"I have heard there is a shortage," Miss Flaxmer said.

"But it's not affected us here."

When asked what could be a good replacement for the Flake should Perry's run out, Miss Flaxmer said she thinks a Kinder Bueno would be a good alternative.

Ice Cream Towers

When I made my way to Ice Cream Towers, I asked the manager, Andrew Hives, whether he had a shortage of Flakes.

"No, no shortage. I've got enough for the moment, yeah," Mr Hives said.

"If I did run out though, I would definitely be using a chocolate finger.

"That's the alternative, but it is no real comparison to a Flake."

Ice cream on the beach

Sun, sand and a 99 Flake. - Credit: Jess Coppins

Anchor Cafe

The manager of Anchor Cafe told us he had over 100 Flakes, and expects that amount to last at least until the weekend.

"I've only just started a new box, and I have another on standby," the manager said.

"People come for the ice cream and not the Flake," the manager said.

"If we do run out, I don't think it will be an issue."