'It was a summer we really needed' - businesses reflect on holiday season

Dawn and Amanda outside the Buddy's sign.

Dawn and Amanda said they have a laugh no matter the weather. - Credit: James Weeds

Traders in Great Yarmouth have said they were happy with the summer season, despite the unpredictable weather.

Earlier in the season, some businesses expressed their plans to "make hay while the sun shined"

The summer is now drawing to a close, but the weather hasn't been quite as good as it was last year.

"The weather hasn't been totally in our favour to be honest," said Andrew Hives, manager of Ice Cream Towers and Giant Cookie Inc.

"It's been lovely to see everyone out and about.

"Trades not been bad, but it could always be a bit better.

"The start of the season was better for us.

"Whistun was especially good. It was like the olden days."

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Mr Hives said he noticed a decline in business after so-called Freedom Day.

"Once the restrictions were lifted, tourists spread out a bit more.

"But, it's a living and I'm still smiling."

Andrew hives inside his Giant Cookie store.

Andrew Hives said the summer was good enough, but felt trade peaked a bit early. - Credit: James Weeds

Since April, Great Yarmouth seafront's skyline has been dominated by the Big Wheel.

The 50m tall structure can be seen from the Acle Straight, and has been consistently in operation throughout the Easter and summer seasons.

The Big Wheel in Great Yarmouth with clear blue skies behind it.

The Big Wheel has been a new addition to Great Yarmouth seafront. Its supervisor is hopeful for its return in 2022. - Credit: James Weeds

Michael Murphy, supervisor of the Big Wheel, said: "It's not been a bad summer.

"We've stayed open later than planned and it has been really well received.

"The beginning of the summer was better for us, but the weather has definitely put a bit of a dampener on things.

"But we've had a good customer base, everyone has enjoyed the experience and we are hopeful to be back next year."

Michael Murphy by the Ferris wheel.

Michael Murphy, supervisor of Great Yarmouth's Ferris wheel, was very happy with the summer season. - Credit: James Weeds

Steve Potter, owner of Potters Rock Factory, said that while the weather might have put a few people off the seafront, it has been a positive for Regent Road.

"For our trade, the weather was perfect," Mr Potter said.

"The footfall was consistent and there was a steady stream of tourists and locals throughout the entire season.

"There are no complaints from me, this was definitely a better summer than expected, and one we really needed."

Mr Potter commented that while the summer was brilliant for trade, he is now looking forward to having a relaxing break.

Steve, Lee and Lindsay Potter wrapping rock, with Wendy Potter looking on.

Steve, Lee and Lindsay Potter wrapping rock, with Wendy Potter looking on. - Credit: James Weeds