'I was mortified'- Pleasure Beach ordeal leads Hayley to lose 11 stone

Hayley Moore had been a size 26 and could not get on the Skydrop ride at the Pleasure Beach

Hayley Moore had been a size 26 and could not get on the Skydrop ride at the Pleasure Beach - Credit: Hayley Moore

It was a life-changing moment at Great Yarmouth's Pleasure Beach that Hayley Moore will never forget.

Instead of enjoying a hair-raising experience on the Skydrop ride, Miss Moore was mortified at being told by the attraction's staff that due to her size she could not fit on it.

Hayley Moore is celebrating losing 11 stones

Hayley Moore is celebrating losing 11 stones - Credit: Hayley Moore

But the 30-year-old's experience with her young daughter and family friends was a wake-up call over her health and spurred her on to an amazing weight loss transformation.

As she tried to get onboard the Skydrop, Miss Moore was a size 26, but four years later she has lost 11 stone and is now a healthy size 10 or 12, depending on what types of clothes she wears.

The Pleasure Beach at Great Yarmouth will reopen on April 14. Picture: DENISE BRADLEY

The Pleasure Beach and its Skydrop ride - Credit: DENISE BRADLEY

She has achieved her new look after joining a local Slimming World group and shedding 11 stone.

She now weighs 11 stone 12lbs and had been 23 stone 8lbs.

As well as following the group's healthy meal advice, Miss Moore has also become more active, going on family bike rides and walks.

Recalling that infamous day at the Pleasure Beach four years ago, Miss Moore, from Napoleon Place, said: "It was just absolutely mortifying.

Hayley Moore was a size 26

Hayley Moore was a size 26 - Credit: Hayley Moore

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"When I went home I cried my eyes out and said to my partner, Aynsley, I needed some help.

"I work at the Pleasure Beach at the arcade and to pass other staff every day afterwards felt embarrassing."

Miss Moore said that her weight at the time was to her "being stupid and very greedy" and knows that if she had not changed her ways then there could have been a tragic outcome.

She said: "I think if I had carried on with what I was doing I would not have lived to 30. I would have had a lot of health issues.

"I might not have seen my daughter Leila growing up.

Hayley Moore celebrates her 30th birthday 

Hayley Moore celebrates her 30th birthday - Credit: Hayley Moore

"Previously my day started with four slices of toast and butter, meals were often takeaways and evenings consisted of chocolate, biscuits and Ben & Jerry’s too.

"Going to my group every week I have learnt how to cook everything from scratch and strategies like meal planning that have really helped me stay in control. I’ve swapped my snacks for healthier things like cereal bars or fruit and yoghurt."

To find your local group go to www.slimmingworld.co.uk