'It's been brilliant' - families reunite in Yarmouth over sunny weekend

Regent Road, busy and in the sunshine.

Regent Road busy on the bank holiday weekend. - Credit: NEIL DIDSBURY

Positive vibes were all around Great Yarmouth seafront this bank holiday weekend.

Donkey Rides on Great Yarmouth beach.

The queue for donkey rides was long. This traditional pastime has been very popular over the bank holiday. - Credit: NEIL DIDSBURY

For many people, it was the first time they had been able to reunite with their families, and the sunny weather made the occasion even more brilliant.

John Jenkins, a resident from Hemsby, hadn't seen his family at all throughout the lockdowns.

"This is the first time I have seen my grandchildren in about 18 months," Mr Jenkins said.

"This bank holiday has been brilliant because we hadn't seen the little ones in over a year."

His grandchildren, Molly, Logan, William and Imogen, are visiting from London and York.

"I'm really grateful for the time I have with them," Mr Jenkins added.

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"Even if my house now looks like a tip. It's definitely worth it."

Four children smiling in the shadow of the Ferriss wheel on Great Yarmouth seafront.

Molly, 4, Logan,5, William, 7, and Imogen, 8, hadn't seen their grandfather in 18 months. - Credit: NEIL DIDSBURY

Tourists, Katrina and Des O'Keefe, from Bury St Edmunds, are staying at Vauxhall Holiday Park for the bank holiday.

Mrs O'Keefe said: "It's lovely. It's nice to have a bit of sunshine.

"We're used to the restrictions everywhere, but Lyra-Honey is having a whale of a time making friends, playing on the beach.

"Our last holiday was January last year - just before lockdown - so it is nice to be able to make the most of our time here."

A young boy and girl making sandcastles on the beach.

Jack, 4, and Lyra-Honey, 4, became friends over building sandcastles on Great Yarmouth beach. - Credit: NEIL DIDSBURY

Hollie Retchless, 34, Denise Medcalf, 57, and Richard Retchless, 57, are a family from near Wisbech. They said: "We're staying at our caravan, and the weather is so nice, we didn't think twice about going to the beach."

Ms Medcalf said: "We're spending some time with our family from Yorkshire, who we've not seen since Christmas.

"It's been such a weird year.

"We're making the most of the long weekend before heading home."

A family sunbathing on Great Yarmouth beach.

Hollie Retchless, 34, Denise Medcalf, 57, and Richard Retchless, 57, are on a family break. - Credit: NEIL DIDSBURY

Steve Potter, owner of Potters Rock Factory, said: "It's been very good so far. We were very pleased with yesterday and today is looking to be a good one as well.

"It's nice to be back in business, nice to see people out. It's been a hard year, as it has been for everybody. 

"People are about, business is good, the sun is shining. What more could you ask for?"

Steve Potter, owner of Potters Rock Factory.

Steve Potter, owner of Potters Rock Factory, is happy to be working this bank holiday. - Credit: NEIL DIDSBURY

Evan De-Koning, owner of the Big Wheel company, said: "It's been really good. The weather has been fantastic after the miserable 10 days we had over the last few weeks.

"It's been well received. The beach is full, which is nice to see.

"I think we're going to have a good bank holiday and half-term holiday."

The Big Wheel is open 11am until 6pm every day, but can stay open longer if it is busy.

Evan De-Koning in front of the big wheel.

The director of the Big Wheel, Even De-Koning, said: "The weather has been fantastic. It's been really good this weekend." - Credit: NEIL DIDSBURY

Halfway down Regent Road in the sunshine. It is crowded.

Regent Road was bustling in the bank holiday sun. - Credit: NEIL DIDSBURY

Horse and cart along the Golden Mile, Great Yarmouth

People were enjoying some old Great Yarmouth favourites, including the landau rides. - Credit: NEIL DIDSBURY

Great Yarmouth beach.

Sun, sea and safe distancing on Bank Holiday weekend. - Credit: NEIL DIDSBURY

The Big Wheel in Great Yarmouth.

The Big Wheel is open 11am until 6pm every day, but can stay open longer if it is busy. - Credit: NEIL DIDSBURY

Young boy with a bucket and spade.

Oscar, aged 4, is on holiday in Great Yarmouth. - Credit: NEIL DIDSBURY