Real ale brewer speaks on CO2 crisis

Paul Hodgson owner of the Tombstone Brewery in Great Yarmouth at his brewery.

Paul Hodgson owner of the Tombstone Brewery in Great Yarmouth at his brewery. - Credit: Eastern Daily Press © 2014

A Great Yarmouth brewer has said that the national shortage of carbon dioxide will not affect his business.

National CO2 shortages have disrupted the farming industry and it could also pose a threat to breweries.

Carbon dioxide is relied upon in pubs and breweries both in the making of beers and for dispensing it - as well as adding fizz to post-mix soft drinks.

However, Paul Hodgson, owner of Tombstone Brewery and Saloon Bar on Stonecutters Way, stated the shortage won't affect his brewery at all.

"We make real ale and we don't keg anything," Mr Hodgson said.

"We're brewing to full capacity and we can't complain."

Mr Hodgson, whose saloon bar won  CAMRA's Pub of the Year for 2020, accepted that the shortage of CO2 would only affect business if he were to bring in kegs for special occasions.

On Tuesday, Norwich Evening News reported that breweries in Norwich were waiting with bated breath over the knock-on effect of the carbon dioxide crisis.