Mum braves the shave for defibrillator fund

Melanie Bateman after her fundraising haircut.

Melanie, after braving the shave, and Geoff Bateman. - Credit: Melanie Bateman

A mum for whom heart health is a concern close to home has taken a drastic step to raise funds for a new defibrillator.

Melanie Bateman, from Burgh Castle, had more than 12 inches of her hair cut to help fundraise for a new defibrillator at Burgh Hall as well as donate her freshly cut hair to the Princess Trust.

Mrs Bateman had grown her hair over lockdown, but braved the shave on Saturday, July 24.

Melanie Bateman with long hair.

Melanie Bateman had been growing her hair over lockdown. - Credit: Melanie Bateman

Mrs Bateman, owner of Toy Box 55 down Victoria Arcade, said: "I did get a bit emotional after it was all gone.

"But I wanted to help raise money for the defibrillator as heart conditions are very close to home for me and my family.

"My little boy has had three open heart surgeries, and currently lives with a pacemaker.

"I wanted to do something worthwhile, because none of us know when something will happen.

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"If we can just help save one life, it will be worth it."

The new defibrillator, ready to be connected at Burgh Hall.

The new defibrillator, ready to be connected at Burgh Hall. - Credit: Melanie Bateman

Mrs Bateman opened her shop in April this year, and together with other shop owners in Victoria Arcade, she decided to help fundraise for different causes.

The Barber Shoppe, also in Victoria Arcade, helped Mrs Bateman with the haircut and once it was off, the freshly cut was sent to the Princess Trust.

"That hair can hopefully make two wigs for children," said Mrs Bateman.

A parcel address to the the Little Princess Trust

Melanie Bateman's cut hair will be sent to the Princess Trust, so it can made into wigs for children. - Credit: Melanie Bateman

After braving the shave, Mrs Bateman helped raise enough money for a new defibrillator for Burgh Hall.

David Southey, manager of Burgh Hall, said he was "deeply touched".

"Melanie did fantastic work and we are very grateful for all she has done," Mr Southey added.

Mrs Bateman said she wanted to specifically help the Southey family as they were all "worth their weight in gold."

The new defibrillator has arrived at Burgh Hall and has been PAT tested.

The bar and restaurant will be having a night celebrating the new defibrillator in the near future.

For more information, visit the Facebook pages for Toy Box 55 and Burgh Hall.

Paul, Pauline, Hayley and David Southey standing in front of the pool at Burgh Hall.

The Southey family: Paul, Pauline, Hayley and David are excited for the summer season at Burgh Hall. - Credit: Paul Southey