‘Tears burst out my eyes’ - Mobility scooter donation changes Yarmouth woman’s life

Style Mobility, a mobility equipment shop on Southtown Road in Great Yarmouth. Picture: Google Maps.

Style Mobility, a mobility equipment shop on Southtown Road in Great Yarmouth. Picture: Google Maps. - Credit: Archant

At 32, Ashley-Jane Fryer has already faced more challenges than most people will in a lifetime.

Since her teenage years, Ashley-Jayne Fryer, who lives locally, has suffered from rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia, as well as a cyst in the brain and trouble with mental health.

But a ray of sun recently shone on her life when two men from the seaside town presented her with a life-changing gift.

Ms Fryer's conditions have meant limited mobility and the one thing that had allowed her some freedom was her mobility scooter, which she had bought second-hand and decorated - but after treatment for breast cancer she no longer had the strength to operate the vehicle.

"I am unable to drive so my only freedom was to use a scooter, even if I was only in my twenties," Ms Fryer said.

"However, since having the cancer I have been unable to use my beloved scooter as I don't have to strength to control it and it leads to a lot of pain, but looking at the type of scooter I would need I soon realised there was nothing I could do and I gave up," she said.

Lauren Hargreeves, a friend, knew of Ms Fryer's struggle and the importance of having the right scooter, so set up a gofundme page to raise funds.

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"This brought two very special men into my life," Ms Fryer said.

Dominic Goldsmith and James Gapper, from Great Yarmouth shop Style Mobility, offered to help.

"They knew exactly what I needed and what I was trying to explain," Ms Fryer said.

"They said they had just the machine and it was mine.

"My jaw hit the floor and the tears burst out my eyes.

"These men had just changed my life."

Ms Fryer said she is now able to take her dog out for walks without causing a lot of pain.

"When you can't drive and your legs are useless you lose all freedom and life and it can break your heart slowly.

"The offer to donate not just a scooter but the right scooter is mind-blowing.

"I'm not sure I understand why I was chosen to receive this help but I feel honoured and incredibly lucky.

"Dom and James have changed my life and that is no understatement, they've given me a chance to have a life.

"I've seen things on TV where deserving people get help and it's lovely but I never in my wildest dreams did I think strangers would go out of their way to help just one person," she said.