Headbutt in seafront casino was in ‘self-defence’, court hears

Norwich Crown Court. PICTURE: Jamie Honeywood

Norwich Crown Court. PICTURE: Jamie Honeywood - Credit: Archant

A man banned twice from the Grosvenor Casino in Great Yarmouth had his nose broken after an altercation in the toilets on New Year’s Day.

21-year-old Joseph Goodhew has denied inflicting grievous bodily harm, claiming he acted in self-defence after the man grabbed him in a 'bear hug'.

Around 2.30am on January 1 last year Goodhew had gone to the toilets at the Grosvenor but didn't lock the door and the other man burst in by mistake, the court heard.

The complainant claimed Goodhew then waited for him by the sinks before headbutting him and punching him to the face.

CCTV footage shown to the jury at Norwich Crown Court showed Goodhew being pursued by the man around the machines in the casino before security guards intervened.

Police were called and Goodhew was arrested around 3.20am.

The court heard he said to officers: "If I am getting arrested I want him arrested too. I head-butted him in self-defence."

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Giving evidence this morning, Goodhew said he had been celebrating New Year by gambling and drinking at the casino with his family.

He said after the man tried to enter his cubicle he went to wash his hands and was grabbed from behind, injuring the man's nose in the ensuing struggle.

"He grabbed me from behind," he said. "He is a lot bigger and I struggled to get away and I ran out."

He said the man then pursued him, saying 'I'm going to murder you' before spitting a mouthful of blood in his face.

Prosecutor Marc Brown said the man had been "angry for a reason".

"He had his nose broken by you," he said. "You waited for him to come out of the toilets. You lost your temper at him and you headbutted and punched him.

"You knew he was cross because you had just assaulted him.

"Whatever happened in those toilets ended in him bleeding with a broken nose."

The jury was also told the alleged victim had been banned from the Grosvenor twice before - for abusive language and threatening behaviour.

Goodhew, of Black Drove, Murrow, Wisbech, denies causing grievous bodily harm.

The trial continues.