Woman who honed fitness business during lockdown celebrates year of success

Michelle Vettese of Gym Vettese, Bradwell, Great Yarmouth

Michelle Vettese who has found huge success with her studio and online personal training during lockdown. - Credit: supplied by Michelle Vettese

When IT high-flyer Michelle Vettese saw her working hours fall away during lockdown she wasn't sure quite what to do.

Having just had an extension at home she couldn't afford to wait until the worst was over, and resolved to work out a new way to make a living.

With lifting weights and fitness having always been a hobby she undertook fitness instructor training with Norfolk Health and Fitness in Norwich, and has gone from strength to strength.

Michelle Vettese delivering online workouts from her home studio in Bradwell.

Images from online workouts delivered by Michelle Vettese who is celebrating a full year of being a personal trainer. - Credit: supplied by Michelle Vettese

Now the 39-year-old married mother-of-two has a waiting list at her home studio in Homefield Avenue, Bradwell, and up to 90 people tuning in to online classes - as well as a personal challenge to compete as a powerlifter.

She has also launched a clothing range.

"I  thought I would get one or two as a personal trainer and run it alongside my normal job, so I took the leap," she said.

"But it has just gone nuts. I am loving every minute.

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"I have never worked so many hours, we have been living and breathing it."

Michelle Vettese of Vettese Gym Bradwel

Michelle Vettese offers small group training as well as online workouts from her studio in Homefield Avenue, Bradwell, where people who didn't know each other before have become friends. - Credit: supplied by Michelle Vettese

Mrs Vettese specialises in power lifting and high intensity interval training and says she has clients of all ages, although mainly in the 30 to 55 age group.

She offers six online workouts a week, with a male instructor and yoga sessions adding to the mix.

Subscribers also have access to a library of workouts, each lasting 20 to 30 minutes.

She said having a private studio meant she could hold sessions with people who would not normally want to tackle lifting in front of others at a busy gym.

Delivering online sessions also meant all people had to do was buy a few cheap bits and join in when they wanted.

Personal training at Vettese Gym Bradwell

A personal training session underway at Gym Vettese in Bradwell. Michelle Vettese gave up a job she loved as a successful sales and marketing co-ordinator with an IT company to start her own fitness business. - Credit: supplied by Michelle Vettese

Although there were other excellent trainers offering digital programmes in the area she was one of the only ones focused on lifting - which was effective when it came to changing body shape, she said.

Often people could mix and match using different instructors to achieve results.

Over the year since launching her first session on October 5 she said she had only lost a handful of clients. "We have a laugh," she said. "My balance is awful. I have been known to lose it doing a lunge."

To find out more and sign up to a free seven day trial visit the Gym Vettese website.