Revealed: The happiest and unhappiest places to live in Norfolk

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Breckland is the happiest district in Norfolk, according to a recent ONS survey. - Credit: Copyright: Archant 2019

People living in Breckland are the happiest in Norfolk, according to new figures.

Norfolk's happiest and unhappiest places to live have been revealed using wellbeing data analysed by the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

The ONS has used the results of a national survey which asked people to rate their level of happiness during the 12 months up to March 2021 to give district council areas an average figure.

People were asked to rate their life satisfaction, happiness and anxiety levels out of 10. 

The survey was taken during the coronavirus pandemic and the ONS stated that personal wellbeing during the first and second wave was among the lowest levels it had recorded since it started in 2011.

During this time, the average ratings for happiness across the UK level fell to among the lowest scores in a decade. 

Despite this difficult period, Breckland was revealed at the happiest district in Norfolk, followed by King's Lynn and West Norfolk. 

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But at the other end of the scale, Norwich was the unhappiest place and also had the lowest life satisfaction in the county.

Happiness levels in Norwich and South Norfolk appear in decline compared to previous years whereas every other district council saw an upward trend.

People were most anxious in South Norfolk, whereas North Norfolk were the least.

Great Yarmouth had the lowest "worthwhile" levels and also had the second lowest life satisfaction.

Terry Jermy, Labour leader on Breckland Council

Terry Jermy, Labour leader on Breckland Council - Credit: Archant

Breckland councillor Terry Jermy believes the abundance of natural spaces in the district is why people are happy.

He said: "I'm not surprised that the Breckland district has scored so well when it comes to levels of happiness.

"We are very fortunate with the environment that we have on our doorsteps whether that be spaces like Thetford Forest, the Brecks or our river corridor.

"These spaces have been particularly appreciated over the past two years and the Covid pandemic when fresh air and space have been rightly prioritised.

"Being able to go for a nice walk or take the family out for a picnic can seem like something relatively simple but doing so greatly contributes to our quality of life and we have such opportunities in abundance in Breckland which increases our overall happiness."

Here we have listed every local authority area in Norfolk from the most to the least happy, including the scores for the other three factors of life satisfaction, feeling that things done in life were worthwhile, and anxiety.

1. Breckland

Ticks carrying a brain virus have been found in Thetford Forest Picture: Sonya Duncan

Thetford Forest covers a large area of the Breckland district - Credit: Eastern Daily Press © 2015

Happiness: 7.73 

Life Satisfaction: 7.79

Worthwhile: 7.94

Anxiety: 2.74

2. King's Lynn and West Norfolk

Kings Lynn and West Norfolk has the highest coronavirus death rate in Norfolk and Waveney. Picture:

King's Lynn and West Norfolk is the second happiest district in the county - Credit: Archant

Happiness: 7.64

Life Satisfaction: 7.69

Worthwhile: 8.06

Anxiety: 3.21

3. North Norfolk

A view over the rooftop's of Sheringham from Beeston Bump. Weybourne and Salthouse can be seen in th

A view of Sheringham in north Norfolk from Beeston Bump - Credit: Archant

Happiness: 7.62

Life Satisfaction: 7.74

Worthwhile: 7.83

Anxiety: 2.60

4. Great Yarmouth

Summer in Great Yarmouth on the seafront.

Great Yarmouth seafront. - Credit: Denise Bradley

Happiness: 7.40

Life Satisfaction: 7.20

Worthwhile: 7.55

Anxiety: 2.98

5. Broadland

EDP Norfolk Mag Ian Russell (Wroxham Barns) My Favourite View, Horning Reach.
Photo: Simon Finlay

Happiness levels increased in Broadland compared to the previous year - Credit: Archant

Happiness: 7.37

Life Satisfaction: 7.67

Worthwhile: 7.86

Anxiety: 2.98

6. South Norfolk

Wymondham Abbey and town . Steve Adams

An aerial view of Wymondham Abbey and the town, which is in South Norfolk - Credit: Archant

Happiness: 7.26

Life Satisfaction: 7.37

Worthwhile: 7.77

Anxiety: 3.67

7. Norwich

Norwich war memorial. Norwich Market. Norwich Castle.Picture: ANTONY KELLY

Norwich is the least happiest district in Norfolk, according to new ONS data - Credit: Archant

Happiness: 7.08

Life Satisfaction: 7.19

Worthwhile: 7.59

Anxiety: 3.58