Harbour Radio on countdown for 28-day trial

Carol Castledine

Carol Castledine - Credit: Archant

The countdown has begun to the launch of Harbour Radio, a new station for Great Yarmouth, and bidding for an Ofcom broadcasting licence.

Harbour’s team is ready for the go-live date for their 28-day trial, broadcasting from their town centre studio from January 13 on 87.7fm. They are currently completing test transmission online via www.HarbourRadio.co.uk or Facebook.

Harbour’s board of directors consist of John Rodgers, Dave Starbuck, Carl Castledine, Nev Moore and Richard Routledge.

Carl said: “We are very lucky to have such fabulous support. The key ingredients to making this project a success are passion and drive and our team ooze it!

“But we have also done our homework, the 28-day broadcast in January is an opportunity to test the water, hear the listeners and engage with the community. It’s no good turning the transmitter on and just playing music, we need to demonstrate we have a point of difference.

“We are not a commercial radio station and people tuning in need to understand our sole purpose is to demonstrate social gain. That means allowing the community to use Harbour Radio as a platform to reach out to the listeners and create awareness, particularly charities, groups, clubs and other organisations.

“Of course listenership is important, but we have already demonstrated that the brilliant people of the town are behind us. We have over 2,000 Facebook followers in only a few weeks and their feedback is really positive. If we can create that kind of interest before we have even played a song on the radio then the possibilities are endless.”

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John Rodgers is working to ensure the station is equipped with the very latest technology. The playout system brought in is groundbreaking, he said, and used by the very best in the business.

John added: “There will also have the opportunity for listeners to phone in and go live on air as well as an outside broadcast facility, which means we can link from the studio to gigs, events, schools or breaking news stories.

“A number of production houses have engaged with us to create a professional bed of jingles to give Harbour a unique identity, but you will not hear these though until the go-live date.”

He said: “Local businesses have been brilliant too, sponsoring presenters, shows and the station as well as taking out advertising with us.

So we are ready, excited and willing and our team who consist of tried and tested industry experts and green, nervous, but keen individuals are volunteering in the interests of giving something back to the town.”

Harbour Radio has been set up as a not for profit organisation.

For more details email info@harbourradio.co.uk or message Harbour Radio via Facebook.