Great Yarmouth divided over £650,000 roundabout

A bird eye's view of the Fullers Hill roundabout. Picture: Sean Armstrong

A bird eye's view of the Fullers Hill roundabout. Picture: Sean Armstrong - Credit: Archant

Three months on since the completion of a new layout at Fullers Hill roundabout in Great Yarmouth and there is a lack of consensus on whether the town has benefitted from the modification.

The work, which cost £650,000, saw an extra lane created by decreasing the size of the central island.

An additional right hand lane was also put in on the North Quay approach.

The alterations were designed to minimise delays and reduce journey times.

However, there have been numerous reports of close encounters at the roundabout in recent months, which some people have attributed to confusion caused by the new layout.

In March, an air ambulance was called to the roundabout following a collision between a car and a motorcyclist.

But Norfolk County Council say the layout has been “working well”.

A spokesperson said: “Since the new roundabout layout was fully opened in January, we have been aware of three incidents at the location. Two were minor, damage-only incidents and the third involved a motorcyclist. We do not have any further details of these three incidents; however we will continue to monitor all information available to us concerning the new layout, so as to identify any potential trends that may emerge.

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“This roundabout was designed in line with national design standards for highways, and our monitoring indicates it has been working well on the whole and improving the flow of traffic in the area.”

Discussing the new layout on a Facebook post, many people reported that their journey times had been reduced by the modifications.

Jo D’Vonne Ramey said: “Love it, no queuing from Lawn Avenue approach. People just need to read the lanes properly and stay in lane.”

Richard Miles agreed, commenting: “Potentially confusing if you approach it for the first time from Lawn Avenue. But once you’ve used it it’s pretty straightforward. Hopefully will reduce congestion.”

But others claim the new design is unclear and dangerous.

Ritchie Goodrum said: “It’s downright dangerous! Twice now I’ve had people try to go round me in the left lane to go up to Vauxhall roundabout when I’ve been coming round from Asda and turning to go past the Conge!”

Shawn Franklin said: “Yes it has reduced the amount of queuing traffic, but the extra lane on the roundabout from Lawn Ave to South Quay is way too narrow for a car to use safely.

“I have nearly been hit quite a few times and I have nearly hit a few people quite a few time using the new lane.

“Major revamp of the roundabout and lanes and the highways put up a sign the size of a postage stamp telling you there are lane changes.”

Many though, think the problems are being caused by road users, rather than the road layout.

Phil Miller said: “I think with the new lane markings it makes it easier to negotiate. I just wish people would follow them.

“Nearly had an accident there this morning as another driver simply went all the way round in the outside lane.”

Amie Louise said: “It would be a lot better if people read the markings properly! There is no way it’s going to be any better in summer with all the holiday makers - accident central.”