Haste to make wedding led to speeding

An “idiotic” husband-to-be from Martham is in the dog house after he was caught speeding at 110mph along the A47.

Christopher Bidgood, 32, pleaded guilty on Wednesday to driving 40mph over the 70mph limit at Acle on the night of September 3.

Great Yarmouth magistrates heard Bidgood, a Norwich-based accountant, was rushing home to his fiancee to discuss seating plans for their wedding which is this Saturday.

Rachel Balfour, prosecuting, said the offence happened at 7,47pm and he had been seen weaving in and out of traffic.

Magistrates were told Bidgood, who lives in Martham, had already felt the displeasure of his bride-to-be as his speeding may have ruined their honeymoon plans.

The couple are due to go to America on Sunday for a two-week honeymoon and feared their plans would be ruined if Bidgood was banned from driving as he would be unable to hire a car on holiday.

Bidgood would also have found it hard it hard to travel to his place of work at Lees chartered accountants and visit clients.

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He had faced a maximum 56-day driving ban but after hearing mitigation magistrates gave him just six points on his licence - allowing him to hire a car on his honeymoon. He was also fined �450.

Tim Carey, representing Bidgood, said his client had been driving home from Attleborough and at the time weather conditions were good and traffic flow was light on the A47 by Acle.

Bidgood’s work colleagues had been surprised to hear he was being prosecuted for speeding and described him as hard working and a honest individual.

Mr Carey said Bidgood had already felt the “displeasure” of his fiancee, whose first name is Amanda and is an accountant in Gorleston.

Describing his client’s behaviour behind the wheel to the bench Mr Carey said: “Sir, he has been an complete idiot. An idiot of the first order. It has caused a certain amount of grief for his wife-to-be. He is the author of his own misfortune.”

Mr Carey added his client should not be seen as a boy racer.

Bidgood was also ordered to pay �60 in costs and a �15 surcharge.