Malfunctioning bridge to be closed to traffic for another night

The bridge will be closed from 7pm on Thursday Picture: James Bass

The bridge will be closed from 7pm on Thursday Picture: James Bass - Credit: Eastern Daily Press © 2015

The malfunction prone Haven Bridge is to be closed to traffic from Thursday night so repaired equipment can be installed and further tests carried out.

The bridge malfunctioned on Thursday, June 21 leading to major traffic snarls-ups and vessels unable to pass under it.

As part of the Norfolk County Council-led repair process the bridge was successfully lifted at 8pm on Monday night by Peel Port engineers, allowing TS Lord Nelson along with another small river craft to pass through.

Engineers then lowered the bridge for inspection, and removed bridge control equipment on the nose of the deck so that it could be repaired.

The bridge was manually lowered to its final closed position and reopened to traffic by 2.30am. Norfolk County Council says on Thursday Peel Ports engineers intend to lift Haven Bridge again to reinstall the repaired bridge control equipment.

Once fitted, further test lifts will be performed to ensure the bridge is working properly

A road closure will be in place from 7pm during which there will be a signed diversion route and a shuttle bus service for pedestrians.

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The council says all efforts will be made to lift and close the bridge successfully in time for the morning rush hour. However, in a worst case scenario it could take up to 48 hours to manually close the bridge and reopen the road.

The council says it will make absolutely every effort to avoid this but if required the road closure and diversion arrangements would be extended.