Blitz survivor, 104, one of the oldest people in Norfolk to get vaccine

Violet Denton receives covid jab

Violet Denton, 104, yesterday became the oldest person in Norfolk to be vaccinated - Credit: Wanda Sandell

An 104-year-old Blitz survivor has become one of the oldest people in Norfolk to receive the Pfizer vaccine.

Violet Denton, who lives in Ormesby, near Great Yarmouth, with her daughter in her granddaughter's annexe, was given the jab at The Park Surgery on Friday in a moment her family described as "a turning point".

It was Ms Denton's first day out of the house since March last year - and before the trip to the doctors, the 104-year-old, originally from Birmingham, felt apprehensive and excited.

But after it was over, she said she'd "do it again tomorrow".

"People shouldn't be worried; there's nothing to be afraid of", she said, adding "there was nothing in it" and the jab "was just a tiny prick".

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NHS England said Ms Denton is so far thought to be one of the oldest patients to receive the vaccine in Norfolk.

violet denton

Wanda Sandell (left), Violet Denton (middle) and Maureen Buck celebrate Violet's 104th birthday last year. She turns 105 in October this year - Credit: Wanda Sandell

She said: "It was a lovely day out. Beforehand we drove along Great Yarmouth to see the Marina Centre. When we got there, people were guiding me all the way."

Wanda Sandell, 44, said this was a turning point for her nan and mum, Maureen Buck, who is Ms Denton's carer and is 82 herself. Both, she said, had been desperately waiting for their vaccination letter so they could once again venture outside the annexe.

Ms Buck said: "We're just waiting for mine now, and for mum's second dose in 12 weeks time. I can't wait."

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"They're halfway there with this jab", Ms Sandell said. "They've survived so much, and although they are healthy, we've been worried that Covid could finish them off."

But Ms Denton, whose home was reduced to rubble during the Blitz, said she'd "still rather have those days than what we have today".

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Over 30,000 jabs have so far been delivered in Norfolk - Credit: PA Images

She said: "I want to live a normal life again.

"I had my home bombed in the war, and had a three-year-old daughter to look after. We had to ration, and stand in queues at 7am for a packet of biscuits.

"It was hard but I was happy. We could go see our families and be with them.

"I think I've got by this long because I've always cared for people.

"People used to look out for each other then. They would come to me to borrow sugar and milk. 

"Those days are gone now, but today everyone showed they care.

"Everyone should get the vaccine. It's about protecting all of us."

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