'It's a feel good story of fundraising' - cancer centre tour praise

Big C

Members Of the Ladies in League Against Cancer group at the Big C cancer centre in Great Yarmouth - Credit: Big C

A group of charity fundraisers have visited a new cancer information and support centre in Great Yarmouth to see how the money they have collected has been spent. 

The newly opened Big C cancer support and Information centre in Regent Street has welcomed representatives from LILAC – the Ladies in League Against Cancer group.

Gaye Youngman, chair of LILAC, said It’s an honour to support the Big C in the creation of such a fantastic space for those affected by cancer.

big c

The new Big C centre in Regent Street - Credit: Big C

"We are very humbled by the generosity of our ladies that support LILAC and make possible all our fundraising events, as well as the local businesses that support us. It’s a feel good story of local fundraising."

Dr Chris Bushby, CEO of Big C, said: “ We are delighted to welcome the ladies from LILAC to our new cancer support centre and thank them for their tireless work, tremendous fundraising achievements and continued support of the Big C.”