Toilet rolls, tinned fruit and pasta sauce top of foodbank's shopping list

Foodbanks are facing unprecedented demand, and need businesses and residents to donate as much as th

Foodbanks are facing unprecedented demand, and need businesses and residents to donate as much as they can to get through this difficult time. Picture: David Jones/PA Wire - Credit: PA

More and more people are turning to foodbanks during the coronavirus pandemic's third lockdown, a charity has said.

In Great Yarmouth the Salvation Army is preparing 130 food parcels a week - some for whole families - and fears it will only get worse when the furlough scheme ends and a rash of people will likely lose their jobs.

Captain Marie Burr said that since she joined the Yarmouth team in July she had seen an uptake in the numbers of people needing to use a foodbank.

And while they included the most destitute who had been relying on emergency parcels and hot dinners in the hall for years, some were newly impoverished families where "dad had always worked."

"We have people now who never would have thought they would be in this position," she said.

"They do not know how to use a food bank. They are families where the dads have always worked and now they cannot.

"We give out a week's worth of food at a time so the parcels have got bigger to cater for that.

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"I think it is going to get worse when we come off the furlough scheme. People are losing their jobs."

Many people were both grateful and embarrassed to have to rely on the charity, she added.

There are separate collection days for single people and families who may have to bring their children along.

Whereas people need a  referral to access a foodbank, a hot meal handout on a Thursday and Friday sees up to 70 meals dished out to anyone in the community who turns up to collect one.

Most of the food is donated, with volunteers needing to buy the rest.

On the shopping list this week were jars of pasta sauce, tinned fruit, tinned spaghetti, small jars of coffee, custard, small bags of sugar, tinned ham and corned beef and toilet rolls.

People can drop off donations at the Salvation Army headquarters in Yarmouth Way between 9am and 1pm Monday to Friday. or at various supermarkets around the town that have a collection point, usually at the end of the tills.