Health issues gone after Michele drops eight dress sizes

Super slimmer Michele Riches

Super slimmer Michele Riches - Credit: Slimming World

Michele Riches is looking forward to celebrating the new year more than ever after losing a massive 10st 12lbs.

Super slimmer Michele Riches

Super slimmer Michele Riches - Credit: Slimming World

Determined Michele decided the time had come to lose some weight after seeing an office photo of herself. The 54-year-old has dropped a whopping eight dress sizes since joining Gorleston Slimming World in February 2015.

Michele suffered terrible back, knee and joint pain constantly and she was told due to her weight her heart was very enlarged. Michele said: “I now no longer suffer with joint pain, apart from the arthritis in my ankle. My heart is now back within normal ranges. I was told I was close to becoming diabetic but my levels were tested three months ago and are back to normal again.”

Michele, who was a dress size 32/34 at her heaviest and is now an 18, said: “When I was at my biggest, I was constantly uncomfortable and sweaty. I avoided shops as much as I could and when ever I went I took a trolley to lean on. I would be out of breath most of the time walking very short distances and I rarely socialised unless it was somewhere quiet.

“I now feel like a new woman! In fact I look so different that people who I haven’t seen for a while often can’t believe I’m the same person. For me it’s the change on the inside that’s been the biggest. I’m happier, healthier and much more confident now.”

Michele has also become more active and regularly enjoys going to the gym.

“I spend about 90 minutes five to six times a week there. If someone told me when I started I would be addicted to the gym I would have laughed at them. I’ve so much energy after a workout.”

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Karley Manthorpe, who runs the Gorleston group which Michele attends, hopes she will demonstrate to other people what’s possible.

nThe group meets at Shrublands Youth and Adult Centre every Saturday at 8.30am and 10.30am. For more details call Karley on 07552 760668.