Man reverses diabetes and cuts medication after ten stone weight loss

Matt Thompson who has lost 10 stone with Slimming World in Great Yarmouth

Seeing this photograph, taken because he had had a new hair cut, helped Matt Thompson to embark on his weight loss journey. - Credit: supplied by Matt Thompson

A Great Yarmouth man says he is enjoying a new lease of life thanks to a health transformation brought about by his incredible weight loss .

Matt Thompson joined Slimming World during the lockdown following a doctor's referral and is now a changed man.

The 42-year-old science technician has lost ten stone in a year, and a raft of health problems have fallen away too including a pre-diabetic diagnosis, numbing pain in his legs and high blood pressure.

Matt Thompson has lost ten stone with Slimming World in Great Yarmouth

Matt Thompson has lost ten stone with Slimming World at Newtown Methodist Church in Great Yarmouth to win a 'Biggest Loser' award. - Credit: supplied by Matt Thompson

He said it was his doctor's concerns and seeing a photograph taken to show off a new hair cut that gave him the final push he needed.

Before his weight loss at 25 stone he had no energy, would fill up constantly on crisps and sugary, fatty foods, and rarely went out.

Now he cooks from scratch every day and is a more active dad to his two children aged 11 and 13 - one of his major motivations.

"I was prepared to try anything," he said.

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"The first group I went on was online. It was a lot more welcoming than I thought it would be. It just felt like I was chatting with friends. I did not feel judged.

"After that it was easy to go to the first face-to-face group because I already knew some people."

Before his weight loss Mr Thompson, of Arundel Road, said he also suffered with back pain, which was now much reduced, and numbness in his legs, which had gone away.

"I have so much more energy," he said.

"I still have some problems with my back but no numbness in my legs and am reducing my medication.

"I am now able to exercise and do more with my kids. I go for walks now, it is a complete change of lifestyle. If we were going out before it would all have to be planned in case I wasn't feeling well."

He said the Slimming World plan worked for him because he was able to replace the things he loved with healthy alternatives.

"I do not miss it (the unhealthy food)," he said.

"That is the nice thing about Slimming World, nothing is off limits. It is all in moderation. It has made a huge difference."

Group leader Sarah Burbage said his story was an inspiration to others and busted the myth that Slimming World was only for women.