Nurse 'honoured' after being awarded Queen's nurse award

amanda nichols holding award

Amanda Nichols has been awarded with the Queen's nurse award in recognition for her efforts working as a community nurse for the past 16 years. - Credit: Amanda Nichols

A district nurse has described her 'honour' at being awarded a Queen's nurse award in recognition of her 16 years working as a nurse in the community.

Amanda Nichols, 45, has worked for East Coast Community Healthcare for the past 16 years.

She helps deliver care in the community around the Great Yarmouth area and said it was a welcome boost to be recognised for all her efforts over the years.

She said: "I'm honoured to be recognised for my efforts over all the years.

"I'm shocked but very proud as well - it is a tough job but so rewarding as well making a difference in the community.

"The application process for it all was quite intense and in depth and from my knowledge I am only one in five district nurses who have been honoured with the award with East Coast Community Healthcare."

Mrs Nichols said that community nursing is a very different experience to working in a hospital which she used to do before working in the community.

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"Community nursing is much more of a one-to-one based approach," she said.

"I've seen people at the worst of their times and the best of their times and this is what makes the job so special.

"There are so many different challenges that comes with working with the community.

"You have to make lots of decisions on the spot by yourself and while we do all have great staff and a team a lot of it is working independently by yourself.

"Some of the most difficult times have been working throughout the pandemic.

"But our team is so great and supportive."

The support from Mrs Nichols' friends and family has also been positive too.

She added: "Like me, they are all so very proud.

"It is not the type of role you do for the recognition but nursing has always been such a big part of my life so it is lovely and humbling to be recognised for all my efforts.

"I will continue to do what I do best which is help care for those most vulnerable in our community."