Social services visit woman aged 87 dumped in care home

Eileen Burchett

Eileen Burchett, 87, was dumped at a Great Yarmouth care home - Credit: The family of Eileen Burchett

Social services have visited a 87-year-old woman with dementia who was dumped in a care home at the beginning of the month.

The team from Norfolk County Council visited Eileen Burchett at the Salisbury Residential Care Home in Great Yarmouth on Tuesday.

As has been previously reported, Mrs Burchett, from Burgh Castle and who is deaf, had been left at the care home after being discharged in a nightie from the James Paget University Hospital without the knowledge of her family or social services.

Her children Rod Burchett and Lesley Sneesby hope following the intervention by social services that their mother may be moved to a care home nearer to them.

Tuesday's visit follows a meeting with her family with social services, in which Mr Burchett said they were asked what they were looking for in regard to Mrs Burchett and if they had any gripes.

The James Paget University Hospital has said it had followed discharge procedures.

Mrs Burchett, a great grandmother, had been in the hospital following a fall. Her family have praised the care home for looking after her.