Help police catch speeding drivers in Bradwell

PEOPLE living in Bradwell are being encouraged to help police tackle the problem of speeding in the area.

Bradwell Community Speed Watch team which carries out regular roadside checks is seeking volunteers.

With a number of schools in the area the focus is on safety for young people.

The Community Speed Watch team has been established in Bradwell since September last year and since then 49 vehicles have been caught doing in excess of the limit, with these drivers being sent letters about their behaviour.

The team carry out checks twice a week and have so far completed 27 sessions in seven different locations.

They stay at a site for between an hour and an hour and a half, taking note of drivers exceeding the limit.

These details are then reported to police and offending drivers are sent a letter advising that they have been spotted. Repeat offenders are flagged to police for targeted intervention or prosecution.

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Each community speed watch volunteer is vetted and trained before being authorised to go out with another volunteer to carry out the checks, with guidance and support from their local Safer Neighbourhood Team.