Villagers asked if they want to develop their own affordable homes

Villagers in Hemsby are being asked if they want to manage their own affordable homes. Photo: Mike

Villagers in Hemsby are being asked if they want to manage their own affordable homes. Photo: Mike Page

Villagers are being asked to share their views on building new affordable homes.

A public meeting is being held in Hemsby about the possibility of setting up a Community Land Trust (CLTs).

CLTs are a form of community-led housing where local trusts, set up and run by local people, develop and manage homes as well as other assets important to that community.

The not-for-profit membership organisations aim is to ensure these homes are genuinely affordable, based on what people actually earn in their area, not just for now but for every future occupier.

Chairman of the housing and neighbourhoods committee Andy Grant said the borough council is exploring CLTs as a model for community-led housing development with the help of government funding.

He added: “We have now set up a meeting to gauge interest in the north of the borough and bring together local people who might be interested in setting up their own trust or trusts for their communities.

“We would love you to be part of a CLT in your area – so please come along and get involved.”

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The borough council can offer grants of up to £5,000 to help groups, including CLTs, to explore their ideas for community-led housing with a special advisor, and to develop their initial ideas into investment-ready business plans.

One of more CLTs could be set up covering the northern villages of Great Yarmouth borough and in Caister.

The first CLT has already been set up in the south of the borough covering Belton, Browston, Burgh Castle, Fritton and St Olaves.

The schemes provide an opportunity for a community in a rural or urban area to provide local homes for local people at prices which are affordable on local wages, and which are good quality, well designed homes that add to the vibrancy and resilience of communities.

There will be a public meeting at Hemsby Village Hall on Tuesday, December 12, at 7pm, for those who might be interested in forming one or more CLTs, covering the northern villages plus Caister.

The application form for the community-led housing grant scheme is available by calling Debbie Wildridge on 07703 814581 or go to the borough council’s website.