Family's shock as chalet roof crashes into their home during Storm Eunice

The damage caused to the Farr family home in Hemsby

The damage caused to the Farr family home in Hemsby - Credit: Sue Farr

A family has been left shaken after a "freak incident" saw the roof of a nearby property fly off and crash into the top of their own home.

The Farr family were in their house in The Glebe in Hemsby at around 1.30pm on Friday when the collision happened.

The holiday chalets are now roofless following Storm Eunice

The joined chalets are roofless after they were torn into during Storm Eunice - Credit: Sue Farr

The roof, as well as debris from Hemsby Beach Holiday Park, also hit a car belonging to Sue Farr and another vehicle and home.

But park owner Richardson's sprang into action and work has already been carried out to clear the debris and repair the damage.

The park manager contacted the properties' owners straight away, offering assistance and to see what repairs were needed to the homes.

A contracted roofer was working on the property today to ensure the homes were water-tight ahead of repairs.

Mrs Farr, 62 and who has lived in The Glebe for a year, said: "A roof blew off a holiday chalet and came over the fence and landed on the roof of our bungalow.

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"Other bits have hit my car which I've only had for two weeks.

The damaged car

The damaged car - Credit: Sue Farr

"It could have been worse. My granddaughter was especially scared and my grandson actually saw it happen.

"He was sat in the bedroom on his game and watched the roof lift off and come over."

A close-up of the damage caused to the Hemsby bungalow

A close-up of the damage caused to the Hemsby bungalow - Credit: Sue Farr

Mrs Farr said it could have been worse if the incident happened during the night.

She said another property, which was empty, and another car were also damaged.

Richardson's said a roofing contractor is due to visit the homes on Monday to replace tiles and broken fences will also be repaired.

Staff also cleared up debris in the holiday park after storm had ripped the roofs off two connected chalets.

Greg Munford, Richardson's chief executive, said the holiday park manager was in contact with the property owners straight away offering assistance.

Greg Munford, Richardson's chief executive, doesn't see the trend for domestic holidays abating

Greg Munford, Richardson's chief executive - Credit: DENISE BRADLEY/Archant2021

Mr Munford added: "Our first concern was that everyone was safe and then looking at the damage that had been caused.

"It was a freak incident." 

The holiday park had recently enjoyed a £1.3m investment project.

Hemsby was also hit by a power cut during the storm.