Music event organised to give back to hero lifeboatman’s four-year-old with cancer

Four-year-old Lucie Hurd from Hemsby, Picture: Dan Hurd

Four-year-old Lucie Hurd from Hemsby, Picture: Dan Hurd - Credit: Dan Hurd

A community will be giving back to their hero in need, who worked around the clock to keep residents and their homes safe during The Marrams coastal erosion crisis.

Earlier this year coxswain of the Hemsby lifeboat, Daniel Hurd, and Amanda Goffin lost their son very late on in the pregnancy.

A matter of months later, he and girlfriend Amanda received the devastating news that their four-year-old-daughter had kidney and lung cancer.

But just days later in March, the coastal erosion crisis began in Hemsby, and Mr Hurd joined his lifeboat team to keep families safe

Event organisers in Hemsby have decided to raise funds for the couple’s daughter Lucie, to help her enjoy time spent at home whilst having treatment.

Mr Hurd, who lives in Hemsby said: “When they first approached me, I said no, I’m not a charity. I work on the lifeboat and we get people doing fundraisers for that, so it felt strange.”

The 36-year-old continued: “But they said to me they’d be offended if I didn’t accept, and that the funds were for Lucie.

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“We’ve had to take her out of pre-school because her immune system is so bad due to the chemotherapy, and now we’ll be able to build her an outside canopy in the garden so she can get out a bit more. She’ll be more sensitive to sunlight because of the treatment, so she needs the shade.”

Mr Hurd, who works for Network Rail, said: “It has been expensive, travelling to Addenbrooke’s and getting accommodation to stay near her, so this money will also help with that.”

Mr Hurd said: “It was difficult hearing the news and then going out to the homes on the cliffs, but it’s what I do, and I felt really sorry for the people whose homes were affected.”

He continued: “Lucie’s doing great. She’s too young to really understand what’s going on, and will have a five hour operation at Addenbrooke’s on July 9.

The event will be held in Hemsby Village Hall on July 14 from 8pm to 11pm, with musician Kevin Barry playing.

Organiser Jack, Cheryl, and Tony Bowgen said: “Dan is always there when the village needs him. When we heard little Lucie was ill we wanted to give something back through these difficult times.”