Drone shots show British warship anchored off Yarmouth ahead of Jubilee

HMS Tyne at anchor off Great Yarmouth

HMS Tyne currently at anchor off Yarmouth and is due to travel north to take part in Jubilee celebrations in her affiliated home town. - Credit: Luke Martin Photography

A Royal Navy patrol ship is sitting off Great Yarmouth on its way to take centre stage in Jubilee celebrations.

HMS Tyne is used for fishing patrols and keeps an eye on foreign vessels in British waters.

HMS Tyne at anchor off Great Yarmouth

HMS Tyne was commissioned into service in 2003 to prevent illegal fishing by inspecting fishing vessels. She also monitors Russian vessels. She is pictured here sitting off Great Yarmouth on May 24, 2022. - Credit: Luke Martin Photography

She is one of the Navy's busiest ships.

A Navy spokesman confirmed she was on a routine fishery protection patrol in the North Sea after visiting Tilbury.

She is due to  make her way up the east coast to visit Tyneside next week for the Queen's Platinum Jubilee celebrations, he added.

HMS Tyne is proving a sight-seer draw off Great Yarmouth

HMS Tyne at anchor in the evening light off Great Yarmouth on Tuesday, May 24, 2022. - Credit: Luke Martin Photography

The ship is based in Portsmouth but affiliated with the borough of North Tyneside.

Drone images shot from Yarmouth beach by Luke Martin at around 7.30pm on Tuesday (May 24) capture the scale of the vessel.

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Because she is anchored close to the shore he was able to get some stunning shots as the sun went down.

HMS Tyne cuts an impressive sight off Great Yarmouth

HMS Tyne sitting close to the shore in Great Yarmouth between the two piers on Wednesday morning (May 25). - Credit: Graeme Rees

As of lunchtime on Wednesday May 25 she was still clearly visible opposite the big wheel between the two piers, and drawing some interest from sight-seers and on social media.