Hopton Ghosthunters investigate spooky goings on at Great Yarmouth theatre

The team from Hopton Ghosthunters

The team from Hopton Ghosthunters - Credit: Archant

For hundreds of years it has stood in the centre of Great Yarmouth welcoming visitors from all walks of life through its ornate doors.

But on a recent dark winter’s night St George’s - the town’s fine baroque theatre - hosted an unusual group of inquisitive guests, when a team of paranormal investigators from Hopton Ghosthunters dropped by.

The group were called in to investigate the theatre by staff who had become spooked by the building’s creaking corridors and ancient architecture.

Armed with cameras, recording gadgets, temperature gauges and other equipment the ghost hunters, which have been leading investigations into buildings and properties for ten years, descended on the theatre to seek out a thespian ghoul.

Sarah Long was among the team. She said: “The staff had experienced various things - lights flickering and people sensing they weren’t in the building alone.

“When we got there we set up all our cameras and took base line readings and we did do an experiment.

“We had one room, which we sealed off so nobody was allowed in. We had a data logger, which recorded room temperature and humidity, and a trap camera - anything that passes by the camera will trigger it off.”

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The team spent three hours in the dead of night conducting experiments and taking readings - but their tests turned up no evidence of paranormal activity.

Sarah said these results led the team to conclude that the activity experienced at St George’s was “residual” and linked to the fabric of the building, rather than there being a resident ghost.

She added: “We’d like to thank Chris Moore (St George’s general manager) and the staff for allowing us to investigate such a fantastic building.”