Horrified mother posts Facebook warning over danger of baby bath seats after daughter almost drowns

Suzie Dyball with seven month old daughter Felicity

Suzie Dyball with seven month old daughter Felicity - Credit: Archant

A mother has described the horrifying moment when her seven-month-old baby stopped breathing after her bath seat tipped underwater.

Suzie Dyball, 28, from Caister-on-Sea, was bathing daughter Felicity when her daughter’s swivel bath seat tipped over causing her head to dip underwater.

What followed was seconds of panic as Mrs Dyball tried to pull her baby out. When Felicity was lifted from the water, she was blue in the face and had stopped breathing.

The chair which had suction pads were still stuck to the bath and what followed was seconds of panic as Mrs Dyball tried to free her baby who had stopped breathing and face was turning blue.

Mrs Dyball said: “I was right there by the bath. I tried to pull her out and struggled.

“I can’t be sure why as I was just trying to get her out but I felt resistance which felt like a suction pad that was still stuck.

“I don’t know whether it was one or five seconds before I managed to get her out - it felt like forever to me.

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“She was blue and not breathing. I called 999 and I put her over my legs and hit her on the back which got her to cough up some water, and she started breathing in gasps.

“Her eyes closed and she went a bit dopey a couple of times but then she started breathing better and came round.”

By the time paramedics had arrived, Felicity was awake and smiling and just pale in colour.

Mrs Dyball was informed that the reason why Felicity could have stopped breathing was due to the shock of the incident.

Mrs Dyball has since taken to Facebook to issue a warning to other parents.

She urged others not to trust the ‘safety first’ bath seats, stressing the accident happened even though she was using it in accordance with the instructions.

She wrote: “This particular seat is a ‘Safety 1st swivel bath seat’ but there are other similar ones on the market.

“This seat was being properly used. The water level was at the level marked on the seat and I had checked it was suckered down before I put her in it.”

“I had been kneeling by the bath and had stood up to get the toothbrush on the windowsill. I hate to think what might have happened had I turned to grab some loo roll or taken a step away.

“I don’t know exactly what happened with the seat - it tipped forwards as she leaned for a toy.

“These seats can tip and things can get scary in a matter of seconds. They give a false sense of security and I now know of parents who have looked away for a second or grabbed a towel and have had much more serious consequences.”

Dorel UK, which owns the UK branch of the Safety 1st brand confirmed it was aware of the incident.

A spokeswoman said: “Dorel (UK) Ltd, owner of the Safety 1 brand, can confirm that it has been made aware of an incident which recently occurred with one of its products, a swivel bath seat.

“The swivel bath seat conforms to relevant European safety standards and is designed as a bath aid, giving baby extra support to sit in the bathtub. It is however, not a substitute for parental supervision.”