Horseriding all part of the educational experience at 45 hours a week school

Lucky pupils at Great Yarmouth Primary Academy have been enjoying horse-riding lessons as part of their new 45-hour week timetable.

Two groups of 15 from the Dickens Avenue school are making the trip to Pakefield Riding Stables in Lowestoft each week.

Year 5s take to the saddle on Mondays and 15 Years 6s on Wednesdays, learning horse-riding and stable care.

Both groups are accompanied by two staff members, and sessions are split into two half hour slots.

In stable care they have learnt about the horses’ diet and grooming.

And during the riding time they have learnt to mount and dismount the horse, trot and stop the horse.

Kayleigh Parker, aged 10, said: “It was fun. I really enjoyed the trotting.”

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During the first session Kayleigh was too nervous to get on the horse but this week she attempted it and enjoyed it.

Two new groups start next half term until all pupils in Years 5 and 6 have done a stint on horseback.

Head-teacher Bill Holledge said: “These free lessons are a tremendous opportunity for our pupils.

“We want to widen their horizons and show them what they can achieve.

“I want the very best for our pupils.”