Hilarious response to game show question about Norfolk landmark

A question about Horsey Windpump in Norfolk on House of Games

The question as it appeared on Richard Osman's House of Games and, inset, Horsey Windpump. - Credit: Liz Coates/National Trust

A cherished Norfolk landmark sparked hilarity when its name came up in a game show question.

Horsey Windpump was given as a possible answer in a round called And The Answer Isn't in Richard Osman's House of Games on Friday.

During the round, contestant Jo Caulfield was asked to pick the real name of the National Trust-owned Grade II windmill around 11 miles from Great Yarmouth, from four possible answers.

EDITORIAL USE ONLY Richard Osman during the filming for the Graham Norton Show at BBC Studioworks 6

Richard Osman told House of Games viewers quizzers would take a trip to Horsey Windpump if that turned out to be its real name. - Credit: PA

Three of the answers were made up and one was correct.

When the final option of Horsey Windpump was revealed it triggered a wave of guffaws and a tickled Caulfield to remark it sounded "like something from Blackadder".

The other options were The Great Wheel, Headpoint Windmill and Tina Turn-er.

Horsey windpump. Picture: The National Trust Photographic Library

Horsey Windpump is a cherished Norfolk landmark.

Despite the incredulous reaction Caulfield revealed she had lived in Norfolk for a long time as a child and was "very drawn to Horsey Windpump" as the correct answer.

Osman said he never expected her to say that and if it was correct they would all be going to visit on a day trip.

Richard Osman's House of Games Horsey Windpump

A question about Horsey Windpump on Richard Osman's House of Games gave its fans a moment of excitement. - Credit: Liz Coates

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When it was revealed as correct, there were whoops of disbelief and applause, Osman saying: "Wow, that's great isn't it. I was all ready to congratulate one of you on coming up with Horsey Windpump and it was real.

"Some people at home if you live near there you must know it is called Horsey Windpump. Must have been rubbing their hands with glee knowing that we have that joy to come."

People on Twitter were quick to share their reactions and pictures of the Broads' icon.

Kevin Lynch posted some pictures with the caption: "That moment in @richardosman house of games when Horsey Windpump, one of your favourite Norfolk places, is the right answer."

Kelly Gibbons said: "We live near Horsey Windpump. Sometimes friends insist on going when they visit. We enjoyed that one."

And grumpyauldman said: "Horsey Windpump - highlight of the show."

Meanwhile @SteveITFC nailed it with "Horsey Wind-up @richardosman very close to seal beach too where there are hundreds of seals."

Contestants for the week were Babatunde Aléshé, Richie Anderson, Jo Caulfield and Carol Smillie - Caulfield going on to win the trophy on double points Friday.