Magnolia Gardens: 665 Caister homes decision in March at earliest

Persimmon Homes has trimmed its application at Caister from 725 to 665 homes. A formal planning appl

A bid for 665 homes at Nova Scotia Farm, Caister, will not come before planners until March 2022 at the earliest. - Credit: Archant

A long running bid for 665 homes in a seaside village will not be decided until March at the earliest.

Caister Parish Council's written objection to Persimmon's bid for new homes in Caister says the proposed Magnolia Gardens estate would be a "stain" on the village for years to come.

tony baker

Tony Baker, chairman of Caister Parish Council said he would happy for the planning decision on the 665 homes at Caister to be postponed indefinitely. - Credit: Archant

Elsewhere it says the new residents would an isolated "island" community cut off by a barrier bypass.

Great Yarmouth Borough Council confirmed this week the controversial bid would not be looked at by its development control committee until March at the earliest.

Plans for up to 725 homes were first presented to villagers close to three years ago triggering a raft of objections.

Ormesby with Scratby Parish Council has also raised concerns about the effect on the holiday trade with anyone travelling south in the summer likely to face delays.

Tony Baker, chairman of Caister Parish Council, said he would be happy if the process dragged on indefinitely.

"The longer it goes on the better, if it went on forever that would be the best thing," he said.