Four retail units planned for Bradwell housing estate

Bluebell Meadow Bradwell

Four retail units could be built in Bluebell Meadow. - Credit: Google Maps

Four retail units could be built to benefit residents of a new housing estate in Bradwell.

The growing neighbourhood of Bluebell Meadow, which is off the A47/A143 link road, could soon have four shops on its doorstep.

One retail unit will be about 4,000 square feet, with two units of 1,000 square feet next to it.

A fourth retail unit - which will be 1,500 square feet - is also included in the plans.

The units will cluster around and have access to a gated bin and plant area, which will be screened from the public.

There will be 42 parking spaces for customers and staff of the retail units, three of which will be designated disabled spaces closer to the units.

To avoid being taller than surrounding homes, the retail units will be single-storey.

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A low timber knee rail will be provided around the site perimeter to restrict uncontrolled access and to prevent accidental car run off.

Column mounted lights will be in the carpark and the rear will be lit by high level lighting. The lights will operate via a time clock and an additional light sensor to conserve energy.

A decision will be made by February 11.