The budget: Great Yarmouth estate to receive £860,000

Great Yarmouth's Middlegate estate is in line for a multi-million pound transformation Picture: Liz

Great Yarmouth's Middlegate estate is to receive £860,000 as part of the chancellor's new budget. - Credit: Archant

An ambitious project which aims to breathe new life into a Great Yarmouth estate has been given £860,000 thanks to the chancellor's budget.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak revealed plans for the budget on Wednesday and the town's Middlegate estate was included.

Leader of Great Yarmouth Borough Council (GYBC), Carl Smith said: "I'm really pleased about. We've been looking at regeneration around that area.

"This will go a long way to help."

Plans for a total revamp of the Middlegate estate were first discussed in 2018 - and at a meeting of the borough council's Housing and Neighbourhoods Committee in February last year.

The project would see GYBC spend £82m and would involve the demolition of 301 of the estate's 535 existing homes. 284 new council rented homes would be built, with 226 refurbished.

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