WATCH: The demolition of Gorleston's 'mint mansion'

The 'mint mansion' on Gorleston before and after.

The 'mint mansion' on Marine Parade, Gorleston, has been demolished. - Credit: Google / James Weeds

The moment the 'mint mansion' on Gorleston seafront was bulldozed was captured on video in tribute by a former neighbour.

A digger and a demolition crew were in the process of bulldozing the "mint mansion" on Gorleston seafront on Saturday.

The former home, which was described as having "bags of character", has been totally dismantled and the grounds flattened.

Several lawn ornaments remained in the garden and the distinctive mint green colouring could be seen on the garage which still stands.

The mint mansion on Gorleston's Marine Parade

The 'mint mansion' at 60 Marine Parade has been knocked down. - Credit: Google Maps

Ian Bullock, originally from Gorleston, made a video for his YouTube channel to mark the event.

Mr Bullock, 58, said: “That lovely house has always been my favourite on Marine Parade - a part of the seafront scene throughout my childhood and adult life.

"I was deeply saddened to see it demolished, and wanted to preserve its memory by creating a tribute video.

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“Love it or loathe it, the ‘mint mansion’ had distinctiveness, a charm all of its own and bags of character.

Mint mansion demolition

A demolition crew had demolished the house and flattened the grounds by Saturday. - Credit: James Weeds

"Unfortunately, such older-style seaside properties are now being torn down and rapidly replaced with rows of homogeneous and bland executive homes.

“While change can be good, visitors and locals alike love Gorleston because of its traditional charm and timeless appeal.

"We’ve already lost the Links Hotel and several distinctive family homes.

“Great Yarmouth Borough Council needs to adopt a cohesive planning strategy to ensure that the character of Marine Parade is protected, preserved and handled with due sensitivity.”

Mint mansion demolition

The familiar sight of the 'mint mansion' on Marine Parade is no more. - Credit: James Weeds

The plans to bulldoze 60 Marine Parade were put forward by Burgh Castle-based Oakville Homes in July.

Following the bid, which also includes plans to put up two executive homes in its place, received a number of letters objecting to the plans.

One objector described the house at 60 Marine Parade as "one of the most interesting and beautiful in the whole town".

They said: "To knock it down to be replaced with generic, boring, and zero character buildings as shown in the plans would be absolutely terrible.

"Should Gorleston wish to retain and build on its popularity, it should retain and celebrate buildings such as this. It would be an absolute travesty should it be allowed to go ahead."

Bids to replace homes with something more modern have already been successfully made at 70, 50, and 45 Marine Parade leading to criticism the character of the area is being eroded.