Access road for driveways denied to Gorleston residents

Three men from St Anne's Crescent

St Anne's Crescent resident Jomar Pacis, Brian Alexander and David Alexander all want to have an access road to their homes so they can build driveways. - Credit: James Weeds

Frustrated residents down a crowded Gorleston street have had their request to build an access road denied.

Neighbours from St Anne's Crescent on the Magdalen Estate have banded together and asked for a nearby grassed area to be tarmacked so they can have access to build driveways.

Google Earth View of St Anne's Crescent, Gorleston

Residents from St Anne's Crescent, Gorleston, have asked Great Yarmouth Borough Council if the communal grassed area (in red) could be tarmacked and used to make an access road to their property. - Credit: Google

Residents from three homes have said building driveways would help ease cramped parking conditions as well as create easier access for emergency vehicles and electric car charge points.

However, Great Yarmouth Borough Council have denied the bid as tarmacking over the grassed area would remove a "significant green area which benefits the whole community".

Resident Jomar Pacis, a nurse at James Paget University Hospital, lives on the crescent with his wife and young daughter.

Mr Pacis, 39, said he felt "disappointed".

He said: "If the kerb was dropped and the grass was tarmacked, the crescent would lose two parking spaces. 

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"But three of us have planned to build driveways which would take at least six cars off the street, so everyone would have more space."

A design statement

An overview of the plans Mr Pacis sent to the council included the grassed area covered with tarmac and where the four residence's driveways would go if they chose to build one. - Credit: Jomar Pacis

Mr Pacis also fears the distance from his home to the roadside parking would delay response time from emergency vehicles.

"When my daughter was sick, the ambulance had to park in the middle of the road," Mr Pacis said.

"Paramedics had to walk through the green to get to my home and then carry my daughter back to the ambulance for all the world to see.

"There's no patient dignity in that."

St Anne's Crescent

St Anne's Crescent is so crowded with parked cars, some residents worry about access to to emergency vehicles. - Credit: James Weeds

Neighbour David Alexander said the lack of space has also made carrying out home improvements near-impossible.

"There's no place for builders to park or for a skip to be put down," he said.

St Anne's Crescent on-road parking

Parking on St Anne's Crescent was crowded at 1pm on Wednesday. Residents said by 4.30pm, it is near impossible to find a space. - Credit: James Weeds

Mr Alexander's son, Brian, also said there will be problems for him and his neighbours once electric cars are more readily available.

Brian said: "At the minute, there'll be about 50 metres of cable coming from our houses down the street.

"And that's if we can get parked outside."

St Anne's Crescent

The grassed area on St Anne's Crescent. - Credit: James Weeds

Great Yarmouth Borough Council said: “We received an enquiry from one of the residents at St Anne’s Crescent about the potential of replacing the large public grassed area, currently owned by the borough council, with a shared drive.

"This would remove a significant green area that benefits the whole local community, and so unfortunately we were unable to agree to this.”