Painting your house? These homeowners may need to ask the council first

A photo of one of Great Yarmouth's historic rows. Photo: Nick Butcher

The Rows will be included in the new heritage scheme - Credit: EDP pics © 2008

Homeowners and businesses in the centre of Great Yarmouth may need to seek permission to install windows, paint their buildings or add front porches.

From April 11 Great Yarmouth Borough Council wants to introduce a policy to protect the character of the town centre heritage zone.

Under the Article 4 Direction proposals, property owners will need to check with the council before making certain changes to their buildings.

This map shows the Article 4 Direction Great Yarmouth Zone

This map shows the Article 4 Direction zone - Credit: GYBC

The measure will cover new doors or windows, changes to roofs or adding front porches on houses; changes to gates, fences, and walls and painting the outside of buildings.

The area the Article 4 Direction will cover is the High Street Heritage Action Zone encompassing King Street, Great Yarmouth Market Place, the Rows and North Quay.

Great Yarmouth's new market taking shape. Picture: DENISE BRADLEY

Great Yarmouth's new market taking shape - Credit: DENISE BRADLEY/Archant2022

It will also cover part of the St Nicholas and Northgate Street conservation area.

The three main strands of the Article 4 Direction are:

Installation and replacements of new doors and windows; alterations to roofs; and construction of new front porches on dwelling-houses

Erection, construction, maintenance, improvement, alteration, demolition or removal of any parts of gates, fences, walls and other forms of enclosure.

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The painting of the exterior of any building or work where it has been previously unpainted and where this fronts the highway.

King Street saw high levels of reported crime between April and August of this year. Picture: Liz Co

King Street will be covered by the new heritage measures - Credit: Archant

Kim Balls, senior strategic planner at the borough council, said: "These new rules don't stop people making improvements to their properties.

"In fact we are producing new guidance to help people to do just that and make the conservation areas nicer places to live in and to visit.

"We also have grants available to help pay for things like improving shop fronts in these areas.

"The aim of the new rules is to make sure that any changes are made sensitively and help protect the overall character of the conservation areas for future generations."

The Great Yarmouth six day market from above. Photo: George Ryan

The Great Yarmouth six day market from above. Photo: George Ryan - Credit: Archant

The high street zone is the focus of a £2.4m project that the council says puts heritage and the local community at the heart of revitalising the town centre. 

It is a four-year programme in partnership with Historic England.

Ahead of the proposed launch of the Article 4 Direction the council has launched a public consultation on the heritage measure.

It runs until March 8. The consultation can be viewed at the town hall or online at