Plan for new 30 affordable houses in Great Yarmouth

Churchill Road and Estcourt Road

The plot on the corner of Estcourt Road and Churchill Road is being considered as a housing development at Great Yarmouth Borough Council's next planning committee meeting. - Credit: Google

A bid to build 30 affordable homes on unused hospital land is being recommended for approval at Great Yarmouth Borough Council's next planning committee.

The proposed housing site on Estcourt Road - which is to be based on the grounds of a former administrative building for Northgate Hospital - will include 14 two-bedroom houses, two three-bedroom houses, two four-bedroom houses, eight three-bedroom houses and four one-bedroom flats.

Private parking provision for each house are included in the plans, with extra spaces for visitors.

The bid states the development site is meant to be "100pc affordable housing" and "the requirement for 8 shared ownership properties provided a tenure mix on the site while meeting the borough’s highest need of affordable rent".

The planning papers state: "One of the key material considerations in this case is the current need of affordable housing in the borough."

And as the proposal is for 30 affordable homes the report adds "this lends significant weight in favour of the proposals".

The inclusion of two four-bedroom houses is also said to be "very welcome given the increasing need for four bed properties in the borough".

The current empty land on Estcourt Road.

The site of a former Northgate Hospital administrative building is being recommended to be the site of 30 affordable homes. - Credit: Google

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The council has proposed that an "acoustic barrier" be installed on the housing site to limit noise from the Great Yarmouth Borough Services' depot on Churchill Road and the garages on Estcourt Road.

At the planning committee meeting on Wednesday, December 8, eight main issues with the housing application will be assessed, including whether the housing's appearance will fit in with buildings close by, flood risks and the retention of the old wall surrounding the site.

The site is located almost equally across Flood Risk Zones 2 and 3a and therefore considered as having a high probability of coastal and fluvial flooding.

A storm drain on the Estcourt Road and North Denes Road side of the site are included in the plans.

Issues surrounding school provision, the protection and planting of trees and protecting local wildlife will also be discussed.

The council said that there have not been any objections to the proposed development at the time the report was written.

The development's planning papers also state: "The NHS has confirmed that the site is now underutilised and surplus to requirements, and therefore suitable for redevelopment."