I want everyone to feel safe

POLICING is changing, and Great Yarmouth Borough has a dedicated District Police Commander - Superintendent Jo Parrett, a serving officer for 15 years.

POLICING is changing, and Great Yarmouth Borough has a dedicated District Police Commander - Superintendent Jo Parrett, a serving officer for 15 years.

One of her commitments is to make people feel safe, and to make priority the main issues such as anti social behaviour.

The Mercury put some questions together, to introduce her…

Which units have you served in?

I have served in a wide variety of roles in Norfolk Constabulary. I began my service at Kings Lynn, and then moved to Swaffham on a rural response car. I then worked in a tactical unit at Kings Lynn before becoming a Detective sergeant on the Child Protection Unit covering about half of the county. I was then promoted to inspector and served both as a uniform and then detective Inspector, again in the West of the County before being promoted to Superintendent about five years ago.

The most exciting role I have had in this rank was Head of Specialist Operations which covers helicopters, dogs, firearms, and all the other tactical options that the force deploys. In January 2007, I became Superintendent Operations for the eastern Area of Norfolk which covers all the way from Fakenham, into parts of Norwich, Broadland, round the North Norfolk coast and then Great Yarmouth and Gorleston finishing at the Suffolk Border.

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Under the current modernisation programme where the emphasis is on ensuring local accountability I am looking forward to concentrating on Yarmouth Borough, of which I will be in overall charge as the District Commander.

Why did you join the force?

Because I wanted a job where I would never know what was going to happen next! I am also very gregarious and have a real sense of community, so the Police Service for me combined that with the opportunity to lock up the bad guys and make life better for the law abiding people!

Place of birth?

Norfolk - My late father's family were originally from Stiffkey on the North Norfolk coast.


Riding horses, running, walking my dog, squash and generally keeping fit. Oh and eating out!


A huge horse and a long haired German Shepherd dog who is just gorgeous and very mischievous! And, fortunately they like each other.

What car do you drive?

An unmarked Ford Mondeo which has covert blue lights and two tones. It means I am always on duty!

Favourite book/film/singer or band?

The Horse Whisperer / Pretty Woman / Katie Melua

Favourite outfit?

I am very much a lady in the Police service so out of uniform, I enjoy wearing dresses and looking feminine! Having said that you will mostly find me in jodhpurs and riding boots!

What makes you laugh?

Most things really….particularly TV programmes like Ashes to Ashes!

Philosophy of life?

Enjoy every moment and do everything with “best intent.” Success is preparation meeting opportunity.

How do you see your role in Great Yarmouth?

I am very keen to build upon the work that has already been done. We have reduced crime hugely already but I know that there are a lot of things that still affect people's day to day lives.

Anti social behaviour and the main issues that the Safer Neighbourhood teams identify through community meetings are an absolute priority, so it is my role to ensure that we solve problems and target offenders appropriately. The bottom line is that if you are an offender, be it drugs, theft or whatever then look forward to a knock on the door because I do take a very hard line against criminals.

Similarly, I am very keen to engage meaningfully with community groups, young people, and of course our partner agencies to improve the quality of life for the law abiding people in Yarmouth Borough.

I am also committed to ensuring that every interaction with the Police is a positive and professional experience and that people feel safe.