I will vote to trigger Article 50

Brandon Lewis

Brandon Lewis - Credit: Archant

Many residents have contacted me following last week’s Supreme Court ruling that Parliament must vote before the Government invokes Article 50 to commence our exit negotiations from the European Union. They have asked how I intend to vote when this comes before MPs in the next few weeks.

Let me be very clear, as I have said many times since the Referendum result last year: the British people voted decisively to leave the EU, my job and that of the Government, is to ensure that happens and we get the best deal for Britain. I will vote to trigger Article 50.

It’s disappointing so many people want to delay a democratically made decision. Scottish Nationalist Nicola Sturgeon and her colleagues’ shameful plans to scupper the Bill required to proceed with negotiations is nothing but political opportunism - an attempt to gain support for another Independence Referendum.

Just last week Labour MP tried a process trick to delay things. Their games fail, as I believe the majority of MPs understand they have a mandate from voters to proceed without delay.

The Prime Minister set out our principles for negotiations and how our relationship with Europe will be set. Most importantly, this means we will take control of our laws by leaving the European Court of Justice. To do otherwise would mean we are not truly leaving the EU. Likewise, we will no longer be members of the Single Market. We can and will seek new trade agreements across the globe. I am confident we can strike deals around the world. Theresa May set out much more detail and you can read about in on my website: www.brandonlewis.co.

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