From Superdrug to Instagram: Beauty influencer Georgie Aldous is a social media star

Georgie Aldous, from Gorleston, is a successful beauty influencer Picture: Georgie Aldous

Georgie Aldous, from Gorleston, is a successful beauty influencer Picture: Georgie Aldous - Credit: Georgie Aldous

It started as a hobby but posting beauty tutorials has turned into a lucrative career choice for home-grown social media star Georgie Aldous.

The 20-year-old from Gorleston has been sharing video content to do with skin-care, beauty, and inclusivity for several years but now has a manager and a crop of high profile contracts.

As well as appearing in Superdrug, New Look and Primark promotions he makes money from advertising and music on his Instagram account which has garnered more than 36,000 followers eager to know the latest trends and techniques.

So successful are his posts he now earns more money from his account than he does from his day job at Superdrug in Market Gates with the potential for it to become a full-time job in the future - although he enjoys the daily contact with customers in the store.

As well as being a master with the make-up brush Georgie is also relatable, often exposing his own “lumps and bumps” in defiance of body-shaming and admitting he must feel his stomach “about 500 times a day” as he struggles with body dysmorphia.

MORE: Great Yarmouth male beauty vlogger and YouTube star Georgie Aldous in new Superdrug B range campaignHe said a switch from YouTube to Instagram had been the secret to his success while his London-based manager had opened new doors and encouraged him to take it more seriously as a genuine job.

“I am really happy with how well it has taken off,” he said.

“And hopefully in a year I can focus on it full time and work with more companies.

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“I know it sounds corny but I am inspired by my followers. I get a lot of messages from them about what they are going through.

“People are all the same and we should all be treated the same.

“All I want is a big community of people that fight for what I fight for and love themselves.

“The day I cannot reply to every comment and every direct message will be so upsetting.”

His popular site boasts thousands of views and data reveals the top three locations for those watching are London, New York and Great Yarmouth, and that 85pc of them are women.

He said launching new products in his make-up tutorials was exciting but that ultimately he would love to introduce his own affordable line, potentially within an existing brand he was already working with, that would take forward his story and themes of ‘being yourself’ and ‘standing out from the crowd.’