Italian inspiration for Bradwell mum

MEALS savoured during a childhood in Italy have inspired a cookery book dedicated to a little boy suffering with cystic fibrosis.

Bradwell mum Alex Sayers has written The Little Cook Book for her two-year-old son Enzo, who was diagnosed with the chronic condition as a baby.

Several of the recipes were learned by Alex, 32, as a child during visits to the home of her Italian grandmother.

Now she has collected many of her favourite culinary delights together in the book to raise cash for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust.

Friends suggested talented cook Alex write the book, which includes dishes such as lemon chicken, prawn and smoked salmon pasta and her nan’s meatball recipe.

TV chef Gino D’Acampo, right, who was crowned king of the jungle in the ITV1 Show I’m a Celebrity in 2009, has also contributed three recipes to the book.

Living in Italy until the age of 10, Alex still returns regularly to the country to visit sister Susanna.

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Alex said: “I spent many long hot summers, watching my Nonna Lisa lovingly prepare all sorts of wonderful dishes.

“My sister, Susanna, and I still smile now at the memories of us all sleeping in a caravan together and how we would just be drifting off to sleep when Nonna would ask what we wanted to eat the following day.

“We would often chuckle to ourselves or even pretend to be asleep so that we wouldn’t have to get into a long discussion about food and how she would prepare it. Now I would love nothing more, than to be back there, poised with pen and paper, ready to write down every little detail.”

Husband Kevin, 34, is also running the London Marathon in April to raise cash for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust. The couple, who have been married for six years, learned that Enzo was suffering with the disease when he was just three weeks old.

Cystic Fibrosis is one of the most common life-threatening inherited diseases in the UK. It affects the lungs and the digestive system clogging them with thick mucus. Sufferers have an average life expectancy of 38, but some live into their 40s.

A former learning support assistant, Alex gave up work to care for Enzo who has a daily routine of physiotherapy sessions and medication to ease his symptoms.

She said: “Having a new baby in the family inevitably brings many changes. When Enzo was three weeks old our lives changed again.

“We received an unexpected visit from our health visitor who came to tell us that the results of Enzo’s heel prick test had come back and was positive for cystic fibrosis.

“Enzo is like any other child – full of energy and laughter, testing and mischievous, but most of all amazing. He is the one who gives us the reassurance we need each day that whatever life may throw at us we will get through it with his strength.”

l Alex still needs to find a printer for the book, which she is hoping to sell through local shops. Printing companies able to help can call Alex on 01493 444951.