Viral Zoom council clerk Jackie Weaver quizzed by Norfolk students

Jackie Weaver meets with East Norfolk students

Internet sensation Jackie Weaver joined students and staff at East Norfolk Sixth Form College from her living room to answer questions about local politics in the wake of the Handford Parish Council recorded Zoom meeting that has made her famous. - Credit: ENSFC

While  she might not have the authority - she does have the power to engage internet-savvy students won over by her meme status.

Zoom legend Jackie Weaver, whose handling of a chaotic meeting of Handforth Parish Council won her millions of fans and ignited an interest in parish pump politics, has met with students at East Norfolk Sixth Form College.

It comes after footage emerged of an argument between her and council chairman Brian Tolver about who was in control of a meeting held over video platform Zoom.

The escalating argument lead to bizarre scenes including several members being kicked out - making Mrs Weaver famous overnight.

Having captured the attention of EN politics teacher George King he turned detective to track her down and invite her to address his class - helping to enliven what could be a "dull topic".

Since finding fame Mrs Weaver has used her platform to address serious issues about local government and raise awareness about issues of diversity.

And despite numerous television bookings she  joined students and staff over Zoom where they had the opportunity to hear all about the now infamous meeting and ask questions.

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Topics covered ranged from how to encourage young people into local politics and democracy, devolution, party politics and whether or not Mrs Weaver's gender was a contributing factor to the way she was treated by the councillors in the meeting.

Mr King said a favourite moment from the video was also a popular area of discussion – the moment when after some confusion about names and titles on the screen during the meeting Mrs Weaver joked that she should be referred to as Britney Spears.

He said: "Jackie became an internet sensation and we all know how much information young people source from online, so I thought as a politics teacher, having Jackie in would encourage students to be interested with local politics and local issues.

"Much of their curriculum is about national and global politics, and I thought it was best for them to know more about how things are done at local level.

"However, this can be a dull topic for 16-19 year olds, therefore, Jackie, a source of great humour for that meeting, was the perfect person to reduce the apathy many feel.”