Jessica wins the battle of the bulge

A BRIDE-to-be was determined to win her battle against the bulge before tying the knot with her army fianc� next month.

Jessica Ness set herself the goal of losing three stone before her marriage to sweetheart Thomas Perry at Gorleston Parish Church.

Her forthcoming wedding has provided the motivation for the 21-year-old to change her lifestyle.

Jessica has slimmed down to a size 12 and her wedding dress has had to be reduced in size to fit her svelte new figure.

Her future mother-in-law Melissa has also lost two-and- a-half stone since both women joined Gorleston Slimming World Group last May.

Now tipping the scales at 10st 5lb, Jessica has seen her confidence and energy levels soar since starting the weight loss programme.

The office administrator had piled on the pounds over the last three years after giving up her teenage smoking habit.

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It was love at first sight when she met Tom, a member the Queen’s Royal Lancers, through mutual friends in 2007. He proposed on Valentine’s Day two years ago.

A craftsman mechanic, Tom has just returned from a six-month tour of duty in Afghanistan’s Helmand province where two comrades lost their lives.

Jessica, who lives in Gorleston with mum Debbie and dad Neil, will move to Yorkshire, where Tom is based, following the couple’s wedding on March 12.

She said: “It was daunting at first walking through the door at the slimming group, but everyone made me feel so welcome. While Tom was away I wanted something to look forward to every week and the group gave me that. I wrote and told him how I had done each week and he replied to tell me how proud he was. It helped me forget the danger he was in and boosted my self-esteem.

“Mum helps out by cooking a lot of healthy food and I don’t have ready meals any more. I still eat crisps and chocolate, but not so often.

“Seeing photos of myself on my 21st birthday really made me want to lose weight and am so pleased at what I have achieved.”

Slimming World consultant Cira McDonald said: “Jess has done so well, I am so proud of her. She encouraged other family members and friends to join, supported them in their weight loss journey and is an inspiration to the rest of the group.”

For more information about Gorleston Slimming World call Cira on 01493 664865/07757742828.