Jodie shapes herself new career and new figure

Jodie after

Jodie after - Credit: Archant

In 18 months, Jodie Broadmore has shaped herself into a new career and a new figure – shedding five stone in weight.

Jodie before

Jodie before - Credit: Archant

Two years ago, Jodie started a new job in retail, and was shocked to find she didn’t fit in the biggest size clothing available for sale there, and struggled to find appropriate uniform.

“I felt humiliated and ashamed I couldn’t fit in a size 20, the biggest size available, particularly as most the girls I worked with were very slim,” explained Jodie.

Following a recommendation from a friend who was losing weight successfully at Slimming World Jodie joined the sessions at the Priory Centre in Great Yarmouth.

She said: “Feeling apprehensive and nervous, I was relieved to receive a warm and friendly welcome, I was amazed to hear how easy the eating plan was and how much food I could actually eat,” with her favourites including a full English breakfast, Sunday roast, and chocolate!

Losing five stone and sliming down to a size 12 has made Jodie feel more confident and she is now planning on sharing her success and knowledge by insipring others with their own weight loss journey, becoming a Slimming World consultant.

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