'Glagoon' returns to Norfolk beach and locals are loving it

The 'glagoon' has reappeared on Gorleston beach. 

The 'glagoon' has reappeared on Gorleston beach. - Credit: Ian Bullock

A lagoon has reappeared on Gorleston beach due to high tides and locals have rushed to take photos and let their dogs play in it.

Ian Bullock, a retired journalist, 58, took a snap of the 'glagoon' on Sunday (October 24) after travelling from his home in Norwich to Gorleston for a dog walk. 

Mr Bullock posted the picture on the Gorleston-on-Sea Life Facebook group and it has had hundreds of likes and comments.

Mr Bullock said: “Gorleston seafront is one of my favourite places in the world and has its own unique beauty - whatever the weather.

“The Gorleston lagoon, which I always call the 'glagoon', appears from time to time after exceptionally high tides.

"I last photographed it a year ago, when it was a feature of the beach during October and November 2020.”

People also commented on the post saying the latest 'glagoon' looks like an upside-down map of Great Britain.