Moped thieves taught a lesson through boxing

Leon Docwra held a boxing session with the boys who stole his daughter's moped. Picture: Leon Docwra

Two teenage moped thieves in Great Yarmouth have been given a second chance by the man that caught them, who is hoping boxing will set them on the straight and narrow.

Leon Docwra’s daughter had her moped stolen on Saturday and he shared a picture of it on Facebook in the hope of tracking it down.

The post was shared widely and Mr Docwra was able to trace the thieves. He subsequently posted his number online and asked for those responsible to contact him.

One of the parents called Mr Docwra, who said that he would not go to the police if they returned the moped and met him for a boxing session.

Mr Docwra said: “They were very respectful and very remorseful for what they did.

“I gave them a boxing training session with sprints and proper beasted them until they could hardly breathe. They’ve now joined a boxing club which is giving them a direction in life, where before they were going down a route where they’ll end up with handcuffs on them.”