Letter: Great Yarmouth’s Empire has lost its proud look and name

The Empire Theatre in Great Yarmouth.Picture: James Bass

The Empire Theatre in Great Yarmouth.Picture: James Bass - Credit: Eastern Daily Press © 2015

I read the article last week about the former Empire Theatre being ripe for conversion into an outpost Tate Gallery with wonder.

And realised yes, this is what we need. At the moment it looks so sad, crumbling and even the proud name of it on the photograph says The Empi, it looks as if the R and the E have fallen off. This I thought at the time is appalling.

I was told today the whole title has been taken down, is this correct?

Is this proerty owned by an absent landlord; someone who doesn’t live locally and is holding on to it so it can deteroirate to such an extent it will be demolished on safety grounds, then turned into flats or even worse another amusement arcade?

What is Great Yarmouth’s once proud seafront coming to? Perhaps the council could contact the owner and demand the building is restored to its former glory, it must be providing business rates and a contribution into the tourism BID, so his or her address will be known? Failure to do so would then result in the council taking on the ownership and responsibility, without a penny changing hands.

I have seen many letters over the years condemning the state of The Empire, a beautiful historic old “lady”.

Name and Address withheld