Letter: I still remember flight from North Denes airfield in 1958

John Francis with the plane.

John Francis with the plane. - Credit: Archant

I was interested to see your article on the Anglian Air Charter Auster aircraft and the photos which you thought were about 1958.

The enclosed photograph shows myself aged 17 just before taking a flight in G-AKPI, the aircraft to the rear in your photograph.

I can’t remember the exact date, but it was the summer of 1953.

After taking off the pilot flew out to the sea, then followed the coastline to about the Ravine in Gorleston, then he turned inland and back towards North Denes airfield. He flew over the field and marshes to the west of Gorleston and Yarmouth.

I would think the idea was not to fly over housing and developed areas. I can remember it cost ten shillings, 50p in today’s money. It does not sound much, but it was quite a lot in 1953.

JOHN FRANCIS, Busseys Loke,