Letter: Pick up the dog poo outside our school!


Me and my friend Lily would like to stop a problem that won’t go away. Dogs are a great pet to have. Having a dog can be hard work, you have to feed them, walk them and most important, pick up their poo!

Every day in Rollesby, opposite the school, there is fresh dog poo. The worst bit is it’s usually in the middle of the path. To be clear, this path is very narrow.

My Aunty recently had a new baby boy, she has two other children, one aged three and one aged five. All of us, including my nanny, walk down that path as well as other families every day. One time when we were walking back from school we were pushing the buggy that the new baby boy was in and there was a pile of poo right on the side where we were about to push the buggy.

We had to swerve past it but as we did that we hit the fence. Luckily the baby wasn’t hurt. This is when we had had enough.

We decided to make some posters, we then stuck them to the hedge to try and stop this problem.

Unfortunately this didn’t work and that is why we decided to write to the Mercury to stop this problem.

Remember! Pick up your dog poo!

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Rollesby Primary School