Lifestyle changes help Yarmouth ex-Army girl lose weight

Corinne Kay

Corinne Kay - Credit: Archant

A former Army girl whose weight issues spiraled out of control after leaving the forces five years ago, has taken back control.

Corinne Kay

Corinne Kay - Credit: Archant

Now 1st 4½lbs lighter, Corinne Kay of Great Yarmouth is on her way to becoming the happy, fit girl she remembers from her Army days and has her goal of 3st weight loss firmly in her sights.

Corinne left the Army in 2011 after being unable to carry on with active service due to an injury. She managed to sustain a healthy weight for some time but with the change in lifestyle, lack of exercise and comfort eating it meant her weight started to creep up. She would snack on crisps and cheese and hardly ate vegetables or fruit and wine was a favourite drink.

“I knew I was putting on weight, “ said Corinne, “but I buried my head in the sand, since getting injured I have found my weight hard to control, and leaving the Army made it even harder as I missed the work life and friends and started to comfort eat.

“Before I knew it I had a wardrobe full of clothes I could not fit into, I worried my boyfriend would stop fancying me and I hid from the camera.”

The final straw for Corinne came when she saw a picture of herself where she was not hiding and it shocked her so much she decided to join a Slimming World group on June 30 last year.

Having such a positive journey has made Corinne decide to become a consultant and help others

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“I am really excited to have the opportunity to become a consultant and help others. I am back to the positive person I was and even my complexion has improved due to all the healthy food I now eat.”

Corinne launches her own group at Martham village hall on Tuesday, June 14.